By Sandra Rivera
Agency: Latinworks
Client: Texas Lottery Commission
Category: 2013

Did You Really Just Give Me a Lottery Ticket for Christmas?!! Really?! The Holidays: A time when you show your loved ones how much you care through personalized, desire and, at times, expensive gifts. With high expectations for holiday gifts, lottery scratch-off tickets are not typically seen as a gift option, even if the recipient is on the naughty list.

Giving a lottery scratch-off ticket as a main holiday gift is seen as last minute, and picked with no care. However that was exactly the challenge at hand, to make Texas Holiday Lottery Scratch-Offs the main gift this holiday season. A pretty hard sale when you are competing with game consoles, electronics, shoes, gift cards and everything under the Texas sun as gifts.

The Holiday Request Giving a lottery scratch-off ticket during the holidays is not a foreign concept in Texas. Research shows that many Texans receive scratch-offs tickets as a stocking stuffer or an afterthought, but not usually as the main gift. With young Texas Lottery players decreasing in playership, and therefore the future growth of the lottery market, the request from the client was three-fold: Increase holiday scratch-off ticket sales, engage the young (18-34), light lapse Texas players (one who purchases at least one lottery ticket a year), position holiday scratch-off tickets as the man item on everyone’s wish list. Easier said than done, especially when you can’t exactly wrap a bow around a lottery scratch-off ticket.

Who are We Talking to Ya’ll? Being a minority – majority state and preview of what the nation will become, how does an agency go by defining the Texan market? The Lone Star State has an ever-changing demographic landscape that can no longer be bifurcated. The agency recognized that the bi-polar view of general vs. multicultural markets is no longer sustainable especially when younger generations within the state are forming new connections between different cultures. The best way to understand the Texas Lottery consumer is to evaluate their mindset as a whole, as a truly total market.

With a total market strategic approach at hand, the agency launched research across the state to gather greater insights on what it means to be Texan and what Texans do for the holidays.

The research consisted of two parts:

Quantitative: An online statewide survey with 100+ respondents across all demographic and age groups (18+).

Qualitative: A total of 24 video diaries across all ethnicities in Texas DMA’S, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.

?Texas Sized Insight Everything is bigger in Texas: cities, steak, hair-dos, but the biggest thing in Texas are the hearts of Texans especially during the holiday season. The statewide video research diaries showed that what makes a Texan’s life worth living are other Texans. Because of this many residents want to use the holiday season as a period to acknowledge everyone and anyone that contributes to their life. Whether it be the barista that starts your regular drink once you enter your neighborhood coffee shop or your daily bus driver that always welcome you with a smile, it’s your everyday Texan that create this large sense of community and pride within the nation’s second largest state. From the country boys to the city gals, being a Texan is an all-inclusive state of mind, loving every sense of the word ‘Texas,” whether it be the landscape, culture or neighbor.

A Texas Story After discovering the key Texas insight, the agency translated these rich findings by archetyping the consumer and brand to inspire creative. Based in human truth, archetypes are a great tool to help relate to consumer motivations behind product purchases.

Two archetypes best identified the Texas Lottery player: a combination of Caregiver and Everyday guy. This player focuses on developing ordinary solid virtues, while helping and supporting others. Over and over again, we saw the Texas player explain their selfless ways without showing off or standing out of the crowd.

The Texas Lottery brand is more Jester with it’s: optimism, friendliness, fun, energy and light-heartedness. For the brand, it is all about not taking life to seriously and just pursing your enjoyment.

From these characters, the idea/direction of “Champion for Joy” came to life. Texas player just wants to share the love and take care of important things in life, like friends and family and anyone who contributes to their Texas life. To them gestures are worth more than trinkets. And with the excitement and fun within scratch-off tickets, the Texas Lottery can bring and spread that joy that the everyday Texas players seeks.

Texas Lottery can be a Champion for Joy.

With the insight of Texas players always wanting to spread the love, and identifying the brand as a tool that can spread that joy, the creative idea of paying it forward to your Everyday Texan “Give. Scratch. Be Merry” was born. From TV to radio to social to digital, the idea of paying it forward to your everyday Texan (your gardener, coworker, bus driver, mechanic, etc.) was seen everywhere. For 6 weeks this message ran, spotlighting that during the holiday season there is a gift for everyone, no matter how big or small his or her role may be. The idea positioned lottery scratch-off tickets as welcomed unexpected fun gestures. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to give a nice unexpected caring gesture to your favorite barista that starts on your skinny-grande-mocha-no whip-double-latte once you step into your local coffee shop?

Especially when they least expect it.

Best Holiday Season Ever. After the end of the campaign when grandmothers no longer wore their Christmas sweaters and people were detoxing from eggnog, the Texas Lottery Holiday scratch-off ticket sales became available.

Texas Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs experienced an 18.9% sales bump compared to year prior.

Besides sales growth, the Lottery also saw a huge bump in total volume sales of 16.5% for their holiday –– scratch-off tickets in 2012. The frequency of the segment that the Texas Lottery dubbed as the light and lapse player also increased in size contributing to the sales and volume spike. Even after the holidays (defined as November 12 – December 26), Texas Lottery was still experiencing high scratch-off tickets sales into the 2013 new year.

All in all, the Texas Lottery hit and exceeded all of their Holiday goals and Texas pride was as big as the open range. Lottery scratch-off tickets was now seen as a welcomed main gift, representing the thoughtfulness Texans have for their neighbor. ?